Please fill in the First Leap's New Teacher Information Form and submit it.
The 1st interview will be used to get to know you and introduce some basics about First Leap and answer any preliminary questions. For the interview, we strongly recommend the use of a webcam through the Skype Please send the following documents to before the first interview: Resume. Scanned passport.
A copy of your education degree. Copies of your teaching certificates including TEFL/TESOL/CELTA.
Copies of your reference letters.
Recent photos of yourself.
Please prepare a short demonstration lesson to show your teaching ability. Please follow the instructions as below:
The lesson should last for about 20 minutes.
The topic is suitable for children around 6 years old.
The lesson should allow the students (or interviewer) to interact with the teacher.
The lesson should have a component where the students use the language in song, games or crafts.
After you pass the second interview, you’ll be receiving the following three documents(Contract, Employee Handbook and FAQ) which serve to ensure each and every employee is fully aware of the expectations, policies and procedures defined by employment with First Leap.
After reading them carefully, please send back the complete information form with the details and the scan copy of the last page of the contract with your signature as well as the initialed part about the handbook on the page to the recruiter on time.
The visa processing step is the longest and most complicated step for working in China. First, you will need to provide FirstLeap with several documents, including a copy of your passport, recent photos, and your college diploma. After receiving these documents, FirstLeap will help you apply for your Working Permit and Invitation Letter from the Chinese government. This step can take up to three months, during which time, you can participate in ongoing online education. When the visa has been processed, and an Invitation Letter issued, FirstLeap will issue you a Foreign Work Permit. Upon arrival in China, you will also be assisted in obtaining a Resident Permit.
All teachers need to come to Beijing or Nanjing for about 8 days in order to receive the training at one of our training centers. Even if you are already in China, this is required of all new teachers.
First Leap will tell you which city to book tickets for after your interview. We will discuss with you during your interviews when is best to book your flight. Please follow our time table as we schedule your training to start on a specific day, often with other trainees

Teacher Development Program

Training Overview

First Leap is dedicated to guiding and improving all international employees and providing a path towards greater job satisfaction and career advancement. Teachers will be provided different training modules throughout their time to improve their teaching and preparation.

Junior Training

Upon arriving in China, First Leap offers an intensive initial Junior Training Program. Designed to familiarize teachers with the company structure, the curriculum, basic teaching skills and the “First Leap way”, Junior Training will allow all new teachers, regardless of background or experience, time to practice and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom. Junior Training is a combination of observing classes, text book study, practical group participations and lectures with Q&A. Once teachers complete Junior Training, they will continue to have a team of experienced Chinese and International teachers to help them progress in their assigned centers.

Senior Training

Teachers who have completed 4-6 months of work, will be asked to attend our Senior Training program. This program allows teachers to evaluate their progress and work with other teachers and trainers to take the next step towards ever more engaging classes. This two day seminar is book ended with pre and post assignments to make sure the two days are on point and efficient. Teachers will be asked to present lessons and learn new skills and tricks that will make their classes pop.

Boot Camp

Teachers looking to stay in China and develop professionally are encouraged to apply to First Leap’s Future Leaders Boot Camp. This management training program is designed to educate and train employees about the company procedures, management skills, communication and time management. In order to be eligible for a promotion to our Academic Team of Trainers and Assessors, teachers must complete this program.

Career Path

Working in First Leap, we hope to build up a career path for each First Leaper who takes effort to learn and grow. The time you stay with First Leap longer, the more opportunities you have.